Music Video Review: “Wedding Day” by Duncan Mighty

Duncan Mighty has a way of making you fall in love with his music. And with his simple yet unique voice, he made every bit of ‘Wedding Day’ worth it. And the idea of a complimenting music video came along almost flawless.

Amani Art must be new. His name is and his first work is very well appreciated but he has a lot of homework to do on music video making. The set was duly in place. And I like the story as played out and the characters but I think the shots were less than perfect.

Where a wide shot is expected, the close-up on the star instead of the story becomes irritating. Julius Agwu, the preacher in the video received solely, shots meant for the couple and there was almost nothing captivating aside the sideways movement of the camera. It’s a camera and its job is enormous. However, the colouring was right and commendable.

This video is entertaining and a break from too much cleavage exposure and unnecessary ass shaking. You would find it amusing, at some point. Watch it!

Director: Amani Art

Reviewer: @BuraBariNwilo

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