Interview; Scratching Beyond The Surface – RFM NATION

After their latest single- Pardon My Manners, it became quite necessary to find out more about the RFM NATION.


The group made of three very interesting young men – Trapgodwinmc (Idaewor Godwin), Aranged (Pius Precious) and Lil Krum (Oliver Odoh) had this to say during an interview.

We hear two out of the three of you are brother. Is this correct?

Yes! I and Aranged are brothers but people hardly know cos’ they say we don’t look alive. ( Trapgodwinmc )

Why music? You could have done anything else but why music?

I think music chose us. We are educated, we have dreams but for some reason, everything we do brings us to music, somehow. So here we are and we are doing this for real. It’s more than just a hobby. (Lil Krum).

• Who is your role model in music?

THE GAME and please don’t ask why! Please. (Aranged).

Are you currently working on an album?

YES we are and it’s called PARDON MY MANNERS just like the single. But we have a video dropping before the album.

• How do you manage your time? Do you even remember practicing?

Of course! What’s a group without practice? I get real busy sometimes but these two remind me about plans for shoes and all other stuff and I just know I can’t be caught lazing around. ( Trapgodwinmc )

• Now to more personal questions. Lil Krum, who would you say is currently your closest friend in the industry?

My label mates of course- ARRANGED AND TRAPGODWIN MC

• Arranged, do you have any secret craving?

I wish I could be young again. I miss the innocence and freedom to dream and act childishly and of course, the share lack of responsibility. ?(LoL)

• Finally TrapGodwinMC, who is the real you?

I’d describe myself as calm, calculative, humble and quite respectful as long as its reciprocated. I’m also quite God fearing; don’t let the looks fool you!

Connect with RFM Nation on twitter @RfmNation or via their individual handles-

TRAPGODWIN MC @trapgodwinmc , ARANGED @nowitsaranged AND LIL KRUM (@krumbrutah)

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