All You Need To Know About TV Presenter/Producer “Tracy”.

Let me introduce you to the beautiful host of the controversial Mavin Records interview on Silverbird television. Her name is Tracy Obiageli Nwapa (Tracy) and she was also the co-producer of the said show as. It was the first in-depth interview, shortly after the birth of the record label. It was one that definitely helped to create her first noticeable break in the Nigerian industry.


Tracy was born on August 27, 1987 in Lagos, Nigeria. She graduated from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan in May 2009 with a background in Broadcast Journalism, TV and Film Production and Interior Design. Her first foray into TV occurred when she was 3rd pick out of 120 students from the Communications Department at the University to intern for Fox News Local Station in Detroit. Having excelled at that endeavor, she decided to challenge herself by returning to Lagos to penetrate the modern entertainment TV industry.


Upon her arrival to Nigeria in 2010, she immediately began work in media houses like Made Magazine, Sleek Magazine, Sound City Music Channel, NN24 and Flytime TV, where she gained invaluable experience that would prove useful in the future.


Tracy used the positive responses generated from the Mavin Records interview as a stepping stone to bigger and better projects. For example, in 2011 “Trayciee” anchored a lifestyle television program called Flair on NN24 and in 2012 she co-hosted, scripted and generated content for the Pepsi Top Ten Countdown show that aired all over Nigeria for 2 seasons. Spreading her wings, Tracy agreed to feature in 2 TV series called “The Island” and “247”, where she plays complex and captivating characters Nike Oregun and Ejiro, respectively. She also started a line of hair pieces known as Trayciee’s pieces, which sold out completely in 3 weeks!


Tracy runs her own production company called Idea Robot Productions, which produces a variety of programs, such as documentaries, commercials, TV programs, and the occasional wedding video, as well as covering major events on the red carpet. Production isn’t all Tracy does; she is also putting her Interior Design education to use. In less than a year, she has designed office spaces, restaurants, lounges and various residential locations, all to positive feedback. Her interior design company is called Interior Culture. Tracy has just wrapped up her brand new TV show called Reality Access, which follows the lives of famous African celebrities per episode. It is set to air on DSTV in March, 2014.


Get acquainted with “TrayCiee” as she brings her unique and intriguing personality to your TV screens. Kindly visit www.whoistracy.com.ng


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