Music Video Review: “Aye” by Davido

Music Video Review: “Aye” by Davido

Director: Clarence Peters

Reviewer: @BuraBariNwilo

Davido may be young but his music videos are very complimentary to his music and sometimes, one may affirm that he’s truly mature in taste. Unlike a lot of artists who may be economical with music videos, Davido draws you closer by the quality of directors who handle his projects. In Aye, Clarence does another interesting piece.

The story of a peasant farmer who is in love with a royalty may not be fresh but Davido, playing the character of a peasant, it’s enjoyable. I am turned off though, by the choice of the lady – obviously my opinion.

I am particularly in love with the crane shots. They are so sweet you may be caught up in them than the song. Nothing makes a great music video like some nature. I like the scenes shot at the farm. It takes me back to memory lane. And the exterior shots of the house makes one fall in love too.

This video is freshly inspiring. Filled with less competition with the West yet so moderately rich, Aye, the music video is worth it. Watch and your troubles would be over.

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