Music Video Review: “Rainbow” by 2Face Feat. T-Pain


Director: Bla G

Review by : @BuraBariNwilo

2Face Idibia is legendary in music as rendered with his especially gifted voice but with music videos. When I watch some of what pass as his videos, I try impossibly to stay sane, because I love the artist.

There are always many wrong things about the videos, I guess his management hasn’t taken a close observation at this, or just like I have my reservations, 2Face simply doesn’t feel inspired with great music videos.

And what’s a great music video, you would ask. The exposure of boobs and butts and all manner of sexiness? Nope. Definitely not! A good video has to do with art, the accurate interpretation of the synopsis of the song into ‘motion picture.’ Just like Lorde’s, it must not be luxurious but captivating. I am yet to be captivated by videos shot for 2Face Idibia.

Everyone awaited the video for “Rainbow”. My grandma too, she died waiting. And when it arrived, it appeared half-baked. Cool, the Annie-like model impressed me with unnecessary exposure of boobs while mourning – that happened in a scene though. Oh. What a widow! And 2Face really sucks at acting. Seeing him push the lady back into the room before some very unprofessional gunshots were heard off screen was rather appalling. He should never act, unless under the supervision of someone professional.

What was I expecting in the music video? I don’t know! And I don’t know Bla G too, the director of the video. I guess he’s an in-house director with the Hypertek group and I understand the story behind the video and also it’s obvious how poorly it was interpreted but all directors bring something new on screen. The persona played by 2Face Idibia died and his wife mourned. And then who is T-Pain? His appearance was more of a cameo.

I don’t like anything about the “Rainbow” music video aside the voice of 2Face, and of course, the sight of T-Pain too. There’s a shot that got me nodding, at some point; that which came from the staircase, from the lady’s point of view. And life’s too short to complain much. Watch the video, if you can.

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