The music maker and entrepreneur is one of the most influential and highly engaging celebrities on Twitter. He comes across as the guy next door, friendly, down to earth and likeable. Anyone who desires to build a huge followership either as an artist or entrepreneur cannot ignore the powerful tool of social media. One of the biggest ways celebrities use social media to build their brand is by engaging their fans on Twitter. Nigerian celebs like Donjazzy, Alibaba, Kate Henshaw . e.t.c  have mastered this   great strategy which you can deploy too.


Whether you like it or not everyone has a particular perception about you. You can dominate the conversation by maximizing twitter as a tool to change people’s perception about what you do .Donjazzy is a master in this. From promoting his brand, and dousing the smoke off the ‘tweetfight’ he had with his former label mate Wande coal , he has been able to create a positive image for his brand and also has extended help to people on Twitter. You can maximize this strategy too.



Celebs use twitter as a tool to get closer to their fans. Since people love “talking to” their favorite stars, this endears celebrities to their adoring hoards even more. Donjazzy in most cases replies to the tweets of his followers, even the mundane ones. Ignore the temptation to sell, and truly connect to your audience .If you are truly interested in what they have to say, they will be interested in you.


Jeff Bullas a social media strategist puts it this way:’ Engagement is a term that is often overused, often to its detriment on social media. What it really means is that you thank people (when you can), share their content, have conversations and in general just have some personable fun. It will surprise you to where it will lead.’ One of the ways you can engage your followers on twitter is to be exciting. Don’t just use twitter as a self promotion tool,   always bring your enthusiasm on board in order to seduce your followers .No one  responds  to a dull, drab tweet.


As at the last check @Donjazzy has over 706,000 followers on Twitter .He is currently promoting the music video of   Dr Sid’s    hit track ‘Surulere’. Twitter isn’t just for socializing, It’s also meant for brand promotion. Daily tweets,   photos,   and interactions has put  @Donjazzy  in the Twitter  public eye. If the likes of Dangote, Atiku are using their tweets to push their brand, then I think it’s only wise for you to emulate these public figures.

 Don’t become a billboard in the desert. Become irresistible like Donjazzy.

Kehinde Ajose is a talent development strategist and publicist who helps SMES and individuals to maximize the media andcreate visibility for their brand.He is reachable @splendidkenny.Follow him on Twitter-@splendidkenny

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