Pictures From OJB’s Thanksgiving Service + Reasons Why He’s Other Wives Didn’t Donate Their Kidney

Music producer OJB and his family members went to church yesterday to have a family thanksgiving service, they showed their appreciation as God spared the life of the head of their family. His three wives and seven children were at the church service; and the two other wives explained why they did not donate their kidney to their husband OJB:

The Second wife Mrs. June Okungbowa said; “Going through the process is scary but words cannot express how thankful we are to God for the final result”.

The Third wife Mrs. Korede Okungbowa; “I just had a baby when the issue came up so it wasn’t possible for me to have done another surgery, if I had the chance to, I would have donated my kidney without thinking about it, he is my husband. We are here to thank God for the success of everything”.

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