Music Video Review: ‘Sex and Scotch’ by Jesse Jagz

Director: Mex

Reviewer: @BuraBariNwilo

And what a balanced diet, Sex and Scotch. Jesse Jagz’s is good at his music and his latest video was sensual. The most captivating for me, is not by him though, but the director, of course. The use of light!

The video is not family friendly. Jesse grabs too much of what should enable a lady sit properly. But I like him. He is a great artist. And a video about sex and scotch is one many people would love. I am not a fan. I like sex and Coke. I don’t know why. Maybe someone should sing about it and shoot a music video. I would do a free review.

I feel Nigerian music video directors are not challenged. They do a lot of mundane things. There were no unusual shots or camera movements that wowed me. And I think that’s sexy enough to turn anyone on.

I enjoy every bit of the setting. And the model’s good enough for her job. Jesse’s hairdo is cool too. Until I get a more challenging music video, this one was regular, for me.

Watch it if you care.



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