“I Deserved To Win ‘The Headies’ Next Rated Award And I Was Very Happy When I Did” – Sean Tizzle

Seun Morihanfen AKA Sean Tizzle in a recent chat with vanguard news paper spoke about it all; The “Sho lee” crooner talked about his life, how 2013 was a very good year for him, the headies award, how he got into music and what inspired his hit single “sho le”.

What ignited your passion for music?

I just found myself doing music. I have this uncle who is a gospel rapper. I was inspired by him. I approached him for counsel  and he thought me the basics of doing music.

How has your theatre Arts background empowered your music?

It has  really helped me to be able to showcase my artistic side. There was this course I did back in the university that focused on drama and music. It was one of my favourite  courses. Now, when I am shooting a music video the theatre and dance part of what I learnt in school comes to play .I learnt how to make acting reality , and reality become acting. It has really empowered me in every aspect of showbiz.

What was it like breaking into the music industry?

It’s been wonderful, dropping my first official single February 22, 2013, and the response it got has been amazing. My first single has been a blessing. Months after dropping the album, it has opened countless doors of opportunities. Putting the single   out wasn’t really a challenge.

The challenge I had was getting to publicize the song and knowing the right people one can leverage on in order to generate publicity for the song, and seeking the advice of people who have achieved the kind of success we desired. Before the big break, I was just an upcoming artiste trying to get my big break. I have always been doing music since my secondary school days in Ibadan .I was part of a group called  ‘The 2B1’

What was your parents’ reaction when you ventured into music?

Amazingly, my parents supported me from day one. They are so proud of me and what I do. Their support has been encouraging. I actually went home sometime last year and everyone came out to welcome me. It’s a great feeling.

What inspired your hit song ‘Sholee’?

For me, every inspiration comes from God. That song was inspired by God. Not forgetting the beat made by my boss Dee-tunes. It wasn’t as if it was pre-mediated that the story line  should go in that direction. It just came  and  that I am grateful to God.

Did you ever expect to go this far?

Should I be cursing myself ? For me, everything I have recorded is a hit . With God and hard work, everything I do should be  a hit. I don’t expect to hit it big suddenly. For  me, it has been a steady rise to fame.

What label are you signed on to?

I am signed on to Difference Entertainment .I am the only artiste signed on to the label for now and Dee-tunes happens to be the CEO. We have been together since 2008. He produces virtually all my songs and the chemistry I have with him has been great. He is a friend not just a boss. We know how to draw the line when it comes to doing business and maintaining our friendship. When it comes to business we do business, and when it comes to having fun, we don’t hesitate to do that too. We meet   two to three times in a week to think of ways to push the brand.

There was an allegation of a breach of contract when you were signed on to Sound Sultan’s label?

Sound sultan is like an uncle, brother and friend to me. I was hustling those days being carried by the winds of life. I was  affiliated to the group.

What are your plans for 2014?

I have plans to drop more videos and my album will also be dropping this year. The album will be titled’ The Journey’ dropping in April. It’s going to be a great album , you don’t want to skip any track. My fans should look out for hits that I have cooked for ages.

Did you expect to win the next rated award at ‘The Headies’?

I have worked and my team has worked as well .I was actually looking forward  to winning, but I wasn’t sure .Seyi Shay, Dammy Krane, and Burnaboy were part of the artistes nominated, these are great artistes .It was a tight category. Since the winner was chosen by voting  , I canvassed for votes via social media, and I want to use this medium to thank my fans for voting for me .I was happy when I was declared as the winner, I couldn’t control it.

What does winning an award do to an artiste’s career?

For me, it’s a way of appreciating your work and your intellectual property. On the other hand, it also encourages you to work hard and not to rest on your laurels.

Do you consider yourself as an A-list artiste?

It’s not for me to decide .I am about making good music and promoting my music. Let my fans be the judge .I am just committed to making good music, am not really bothered about where I am placed.

What is that one thing people hardly know about you?

People hardly know that I am playful .I love playing video games and watching movies. My favorite game is play station.

How do you handle social media criticism?

The truth is that they love you enough to criticize you. If I am criticized for doing something wrong, I just try and look into it to see how I can improve on my craft. If they don’t love me, they won’t be bothered about saying something about me. I read comments on blogs and even laugh at some of the comments ,but I get angry at times.

What is your definition of a sexy woman?

Everybody is beautiful ,the sexiness should come from within. You have to be homegrown, God fearing and possess a good attitude.


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