Beating 5000 ladies to emerge Miss North Central | See Pictures of Ujah Patience in her ‘Regalia’

Meet the most beautiful girl in North Central Nigeria!

Ujah Patience beat over 5000 ladies to emerge the most beautiful girl in North Central Nigeria. Ujah Patience emerged winner of the 2013/2014 Miss North Central pageant beating a bevy of beauties from every state in the mid-belt of Nigeria. Recently the beauty had a sizzling hot photo shoot decored in the ‘Miss North Central regalia.’

Ujah Patience says it was a childhood dream of hers to become a beauty queen; a dream which has culminated in the young 22 year old being crowned Miss North Central. A student of Benue State University in Makurdi has been busy with charity work – visiting orphanages across Benue state and pre-work for her valentine charity event in Benue state.

In 2013 however, Ujah Patience decided to participate in a competition called ‘Models of a New Generation.’ She won several titles at that competition, including ‘Body Beautiful’ and went on to contest at Miss North Central where she emerged winner.

She said recently: ”There are strong stereotypes about pageant girls … but we’re just as career-driven as other women, and want to achieve. For instance, I am writing a self-help book for girls and wants to one day host her own chat show – which might not happen soon. However I am looking at affecting alot more lives with my new charity outlook even after my reign as Miss North Central.”

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