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Franca Asindi Kicks Off New Journal – Blanck Magazine

Blanck Digital is a 76-page spread fashion and lifestyle publication that seeks to bridge the gap between possible and impossible by creating a sweet blend of opposites, unifying them and telling the world that art need not always be beautiful but meaningful.

Blanck magazine will aim to showcase the best in street and high fashion, using creatively crafted pieces from both known and upcoming but talented designers in Africa and beyond. The platform will project celebrity fashion and lifestyle as every edition will feature one or more outstanding iconic individuals either on cover or inside of the publication. Their stories will be written by a crop of gifted word smiths and pictures of them will definitely be of the highest quality in photography.

Beyond all of these, Blanck digital will be the publication that creatively unifies all races, telling untold stories and celebrating silent heroes. The publication is focused on young, working and upwardly mobile individuals living in Africa and beyond. It is primarily targeted at the intelligent, quick- witted, creative minds open to new worlds, unafraid of embracing it.


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