Beyonce Gives Her Numerous Haters Another Reason To Be Angry

Not everyone is a fan of Beyonce.


Whatever she does these days, Beyonce is making some people angry.


The singer is currently in hot water with some fans and commentators over an Instagram picture she took last week, reportedly at a Miami juice bar. Said juice bar is decorated, for whatever reason, with a mural of Andy Warhol’s Last Supper. And Queen Bey, by accident or design, is posing directly in front of Jesus.


bey jesus like image


The photo has earned the condemnation of thousands of Instagram commenters, not to mention the American Family Association, a conservative Christian group. AFA President Tim Wildmon told the Christian Post yesterday that the picture was “an act of disrespect towards Jesus Christ … [that] had to be done intentionally.”

Intentional? Inadvertent? Dumb decor for a juice bar anyway? Until Beyonce releases another one of her delicately evasive statements, we really don’t know. It’s worth noting, however, that while the coastal Twitter elite may worship at the altar of Beyonce — pun sort of intended — she has a huge contingent of haters, as well. Some of these people have valid criticisms of her music or style or sampling of audio from tragic events. Others believe she belongs to the Illuminati and worships the devil. It’s hard to quantify that group, but here’s a quick illustration: 191,000 tweets about Beyonce and the Illuminati have been sent in the past year, according to analytics site Topsy.

Those mentions spiked in February, when Good Fight Ministries — the people who call Miley Cyrus a “perverted sex pusher” and consider Harry Potter “witchcraft repackaged” — circulated a popular video that “exposed” Beyonce as an agent of Satan. It’s among one of many, many, many YouTube videos on Beyonce’s alleged devil-worship with more than 1 million views.

The AFA and anti-Illuminati camps don’t necessarily overlap, of course. But they’re both good reminders that Beyonce isn’t popular with everyone.

A final bit of trivia worth noting: Beyonce is Christian and has discussed her faith in elaborate, glowing terms, including in her recent TV documentary.




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