Dwyane Wade CONFIRMS He Fathered A One-Month Old Baby Boy

Dwyane Wade confirmed that he fathered a one-month old infant during a press conference held on Monday.  Find  out what he said about the birth inside.

Newly-engaged Miami Heat All-Star Dwyane Wade had fathered a son outside of his relationship with fiancee Gabrielle Union, and he’s now confirmed the birth!

Dwyane told reporters,

“I’m in the public eye, so obviously that’s a part of it. It comes with the territory. But, it’s kind of … as I’ve always done my whole life … is always focus on what’s most important to me and my family, and that’s being a great father. I’ve always tried to show my importance in my kids’ lives and it doesn’t change now.”

He went on to describe the birth as a “blessing.”

“But, yeah, I had a time … in our pain and our hurt, (but) a blessing came out of it in my life, having a son that was born healthy. So, I’m moving on.”

Though Dwyane has not revealed the identity of the child’s mother, he told reporters that he’s seen the child and will be a part of his life. “You know me. I’m involved in my kids’ lives. When my kids were living at home with me, or wasn’t living at home with me, I tried to do everything I could to see them.”

He insists the birth won’t compromise his engagement to Gabby or affect his ability to be a good father.

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