Review Of The Headies 2013 Awards By Abiose Oladunni

I am a big time lover of Nigerian Music from the days of Kennis Music’s domination, Remedies, Plantashun boiz et al and it is a good thing to have you “Ayo Animashaun” introduces the “Hip Hop World Award” now known as the “Headies”. The introduction of the award in 2006 was a good idea I must say, the presence of a new platform to showcase the hard work of Nigerian Artistes was a welcome idea, its development and improvement since then The past awards have been credible or let’s just say close too perfect with little errors.


Coming down to HEADIES 2013, the errors this year CANNOT be waived. Needless to say there were noticeable and cannot be IGNORED. Everyone loves a good show, and value for money spent on tickets, plus Nigerians that supported by watching on television. Everybody had something to say, but this is what my humble self noticed and I have to say:


1. HOSTS: The 2013 hosts hmmm, Uncle Ayo, it could have been better. Don’t get me wrong, Tiwa and Dr. Sid really did their best at handling the bored crowd but with your kinda credibility in the industry I am sure you could have better hosts for the award. I know you are trying to improvise but the combination of Dr Sid & Tiwa Savage just did not click, nothing exciting about their combo, I am guessing because they are label mates, I thought so too. The yawns were more than the laughter.







2. PRODUCER OF THE YEAR: Well ‘dicey’ doesn’t even begin to describe this particular category. This is one category that should be checked thoroughly, according to my own little understanding of judging process; I think the first essential quality is the ability of a producer to be versatile. Uncle Ayo, the nomination for this category really confused me. I am not saying the winner did not deserve it, absolutely not. But I am calling your attention to the fact that a producer should not be judged by a single song. I think Sarz is a fantastic producer but I don’t know why he was not nominated but whichever way sir; I believe producers should not be judged by a single song. We can only hope due process was followed.





3. LYRICIST ON THE ROLL: To be honest and with all fairness, the winner of this category can’t just be somewhere sitting the whole year, drop one song and then come on stage to win a lyricist on the roll, well me I no be fan of rap music but it is bothersome with the dominance of Uncle Mode9 with the fact that we have other rappers dropping songs steady and we just ignore them with only one track, this is not encouraging sir and I will like you to do something about it, either to erase it or find another way of judging it because I believe this award has its own credibility. Let’s spread our wings and weight other options.

4. ARTISTE OF THE YEAR: The question basically is, kinni criteria to choose artiste of the year? Iyanya had a fantastic year no doubt but how can an artiste whose song, album or video does not win a single award be crown as our artiste of the year?? Unless there was an error in announcing the name for this category then I can say IYANYA deserved it but if it’s still the same as “Artiste of the Year” then Iyanya….hmm, oh well. I understand there is voting going on but there are some categories that the judge’s discretion should be priority before even considering votes. I will like you to look into this very well sir.





5. MOST DOWNLOADED CALLERTUNE: When I heard about this particular category and winner, I laughed in *Spanish* biko, what and how were you able to justify the song, are you telling me that this song that was dropped some weeks back has more download than Gobe, Durosoke, Limpopo? My own opinion about this category is award of recognition for Harrysong or are we trying to honor Mandela through him? I think you should clarify us on this sir. The funny thing is I remember when this song dropped and naso Nigerians download am rish?. We love Mandela, don’t get me wrong, but harrysong’s tribute of how many weeks ago…huh?

6. NEXT RATED: For every Nigerian following this award, I think this is the biggest award for the night and maybe yh, it should not be taken for granted. For an artiste to be selected as NEXT RATED, lots of things that cannot be identified since we are trying to be brief dey involved. I want to take us back to the 2012 edition which Davido won, I don’t want to say Davido did not have more votes than Eva then or vice-versa but that, Eva made more publicity than Davido to the best of my knowledge but looking at it very well, we all know Davido was outstanding last year and winning the award proved the judges right because he has never dropped his hardworking skills and this year for him was as well a more successful and outstanding one compared to Madam Eva. I am hoping to see a better Sean Tizzle next year so as to prove we critics wrong because to me sean tizzle?. Wait, Burna Boy was in that category, and the public thinks Sean Tizzle is more promising to him? My twitter timeline did not reveal that. Well, I don’t want to go into this too much but we can only hope sean tizzle proves us wrong.






7. THE CLOSING REMARK/PERFORMANCE: Mr. Ayo Animashaun,!!!!!! This is the part that pained me the most! With all due respect sir, the organizing committee for this year’s award was nothing to write home about. KING WASIU AYINDE MARSHALL was about to perform and “good night” was supposed to come before him? I just did not understand why, goodnight was announced; after party was announced then an artiste inducted into your hall of fame was asked to perform to vanishing guests. The one word I would term that was DISRESPECTFUL it just saddened me plus the fact that guests heard the announcement but were all leaving the venue while KWAM1 !!!!!!! was giving us a piece of his beautiful voice. I really hope your crew at least sent a letter or appreciation to him for honouring your invitation, even if there was no apology for the disorganization and rude treatment of his perform. Maybe it was just me, but tiwa and Dr sid closing remark was so short, thank God for guests that started filling out. I did not know the award don end sef.





Well enough said, that is my humble opinion about the award for 2013. Everyone hopes to be better than the previous year. On a positive note…we can only hope for a better 2014 uncle Ayo. Thank you for believing in the Nigerian artistes.. God bless you, God bless Nigeria… this writer (Abiose Oladunni) can be reached on twitter via @ GAGAMYSTERIOUS

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