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Introducing Grumi.com.ng the web based entertainment application  is currently in its beta phase, this offers a previously deficient avenue for musicians, especially the independent/unsigned upcoming artistes to share free music with fans at very little cost and extreme ease, a discussion platform for users to interact with each other and also a free-to-stream internet radio.

Mission Statement: “Grooming [Grumi-ng] upcoming talent in the coolest colony of musicians and fans”

GRUMI aims not only to be competitive with industry leaders, but we plan to offer better service and user experience at very little cost and extreme ease. Our target audience are the numerous artistes in Nigeria, especially the upcoming talents who need a platform to freely share their music with their soon-to-be fans, the youth and young at heart who yearn for seamless access to new/old music and their desire to meet and interact with people daily via our discussion platform.

We are already live at http://grumi.com.ng/ , but official launch date to the entire public is the 26th of December. This is a long term project and GRUMI is still undergoing a lot of improvements. For now, we are operating on a fremium model to attract users but we will be introducing our premium services later on next year. We would also apreciate your feedback, advice and suggestions.

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Highlights Of GRUMI

Impeccable User InterfaceGRUMI is a music sharing and discussion platform built on an impeccable user interface. We aim to capture users with simplistic designs!

Free Music Download Database: We offer access to downloading new music as they drop, signed up users uploading and sharing personal music on their profile pages, a database of music dropped all year round each categorized into tabs, and weekly collections based on statistics and on our recommendation.

GRUMI Radio: For anyone who wishes to tune in to our 24-hour online radio, we offer the best music streamed daily at very minimal strain on user bandwidth. We pride ourselves in delivering content you won’t find on regular FM radios. We are not aiming to replace conventional radio stations, but offer an alternative by delivering extreme content.

GRUMI Conversations: We are very well aware of the nature of humans and the need to have their views aired irrespective of its basis. We have developed a platform for users to share their views on a wide range of catchy topics from politics to entertainment to religion, created by our administrators or by users themselves.

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