Music Video Review: ‘Turn Up’ by Olamide by @SaintVinny

Director: Moe Musa

Reviewer: @NwiloVincent

I like Olamide’s music. I think he defines many things that come to be summed as original afro hip-hop fusion. He is energetic and creative. On the right track he makes you glad. And on the not-so-good song he could be tolerated as well. I don’t understand Yoruba but I’m addicted to tunes he renders.

The musical video of ‘Turn Up’ has lots of clips of a previous stage performance by Olamide, maybe in a foreign country. And then there were the party scenes. It worked. But I don’t like the video. It was just too much for me. And then, there was nothing spectacular in the video aside the usual. I felt like dancing, only when I was not watching the video. The girls are pretty but that was all for me. It looked like something I would call a viral video.

Moe Musa does good stuff. I get inspired by every new thing he makes. I think the carnival concept with the costume and lots more were actually nice but too much to make me give it an excellent mark. The light was too blinding at some point.

You should watch the video. You may enjoy it more than I did.

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