Music Video Review: “SOS” by Yung L By @SaintVinny

Director: Clarence Peters

Reviewer: @NwiloVincent

I think it was wrong of me to have though that Clarence Peters would do less with time. But like they say of wine, its age makes it tastier. Clarence should be worshipped. I mean that with all sincerity until another god comes on the scene around here. “S.O.S” is done with such detail it feels like sex with a virgin.

The pictures and its details makes me want to hug the TV and show it to friends. I like this video, no doubt. It works for me. The ladies put up very good job in acting. And the concept is killing. I thought I had seen it all from Mr. Peters but I must have been deceived.

Yung L will stay around for a long while. His delivery sounds similar to what Burna Boy brought and to know that you may mistake one for the other is just a cool fact. Yung L’s delivery and charisma in his role as a king pin, in a brothel is just too watchable. It is sadly true that the video may not be watched by everyone, as it uses the element of sex maturely but it inspires creativity and the use of slow motion was not unnecessary.

This video should be watched. There is the tag on it. The camera angles, from the refrigerator to that of the dancefloor are basically heart-warming. I like this video.



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