Video: David Oyelowo on the Unusual Experience of Being Directed by Lee Daniels

From the way Oyelowo explained it that the other stars of The Butler, including Forest Whitaker and Cuba Gooding, Jr., have described him as one of the most unconventional filmmakers of all time.


Daniels wears his emotions on his sleeve, Oyelowo explained, and will often break into tear of joy or sadness while on set. Moreover, the actor added, “He is not a respecter of persons,” and will not hesitate to yell “Fake!” at his actors, sometimes in the middle of a take, no matter how famous or respected they are. (The Butler‘s Jane Fonda and Oprah Winfrey have both said that he yelled it at them — Winfrey in the middle of her first take on the film, which was her first acting gig on a film in 15 years.)

But, Oyelowo emphasizes, he is just as generous with his compliments (he will often yell “Genius!” after a good take) — and, he adds, “He is as hard on himself as he is on his actors.”




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