Teenager Arrested For Stealing Part Off Paul Walker Death Car

A California teen was arrested for allegedly stealing the T-top roof panel off the Porsche Carrera GT that actor Paul Walker was apassenger in when he died last weekend.

Jameson Witty, 18, was taken into custody after he posted a photo showing off his macabre souvenir on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.


The red T-top roof panel was blown off the car during the violent collision when financier and car enthusiast Roger Rodas, 38, lost control of the Porsche. Rodas and Walker, 40, were burned beyond recognition.

In his Instagram post Witty bragged how he and a pal snatched the T-top off a tow truck when the truck stopped at a red light.

Police tracked Witty to his home where the T-top was recovered.

Witty was arrested Thursday. His friend — who is from out of state — will surrender soon.

Both teens will be booked for felony grand theft and tampering with evidence.

Walker was on break from filming Fast & Furious 7 in Atlanta. Film production is on hold indefinitely.



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