Music Video Review: “Currency” by Falz

Director: MEX

Reviewer: @NwiloVincent

I have seen a couple of works, if not mistaken, by Mex and I think I like his job, so far. This one, being an image maker for me, since it is the first work I would be reviewing from Falz, would be seen as fair, a good fair video. All that went into making this one makes it good. Mex is good at his job. And I am envious. The only thing that I dislike is the voice of the whisperer in the beginning: “It’s time”. It was awkward. It could have been muted, for all I care.

I recently complained about my Yoruba deficiency. Falz’s “Currency” is a fresh video which a lot of voice. I like it, judging on the fact that I am not a follower of Falz but of good music, irrespective of my inability to understand it. The opening scenes had very good camera angles that followed whatever story that was intended. And all that was acted gave it a solid backing.

This is a video from which our established directors can learn a thing. Its story was maintained. Aside the necessary dancing, all scenes contributed to making it watchable. And I would encourage you to check it out. I like it. It’s “Currency’ all the way.

Good job, Mex.



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