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2013 Recap Series: Top 6 Nollywood Movies With A Difference of 2013


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2013 has been one of the best years for Nollywood in a long time. The films are getting better, people are going to the cinema to premiere their movies and the government is releasing money for the industry. While there is still room for improvement, this list shows filmmakers who took a risk and did something a bit different from the usual.

  1. 1.       Confusion Na Wa

I watched this movie and could not help but marvel at the ingenuity of the people behind it. From the acting to the dialogue, the film, as we say in local parlance “made sense”.  It is obvious that someone took their time to research and craft a simple yet deep story that anyone can relate with. For me, this is my favourite Nollywood film of 2013.

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  1. 2.       Torn

How many movies treat sensitive issues like mental disorder without turning the whole thing into a comedy with over the top dramatisation? Not many. And that is why Torn makes the list. The truth is that people with such issues might sometimes appear to be normal to the outside world. The soundtrack (in particular, the theme song) of this movie score top marks.

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  1. 3.       Journey to Self

What do you get when you have four women playing the lead? A lot of talking and drama. Let’s face it, we women can talk! There are a lot of messages and issues in this movie that women (and men) can identify with. From domestic abuse to cross dressing, we all know things like this are happeni9ng in Nigeria but we would rather keep mum about it. Journey to Self brings these issues to the fore and makes you think and hopefully, take action.

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  1. 4.       The Gods Are Still Not to Blame

For people who enjoy reading books, having them adapted to screen is always something to look forward to. Even though, you know what happens, you are silently hoping for something to be injected so you can savour the story all over again. The Gods Are Still Not to Blame gives a timeless classic (Oedipus Rex) a contemporary African treatment. You can’t watch this film and not appreciate our African heritage – from the costume to the music.

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  1. 5.       Flower Girl

While there were quite a few romantic comedies in 2013, what made Flower Girl stand out was the fact that it was full of relatively ‘newcomers’ to Nollywood.  It was refreshing to see actors from theatre to TV play significant roles. Also, there are beautiful shots of Lagos – who knew the city was that scenic? The movie went through a thorough re-edit before making its debut in UK cinemas. This for me shows that filmmakers are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their viewers get the best.

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  1. 6.       Murder at Prime Suites

Some of the best films are the ones based on true life stories. Murder at Prime Suites is based on the story of Cynthia Osokogu who was lured to a hotel by her Facebook friends and murdered. While the movie is a faction (combination of fact and fiction), it puts the big issues on the screen to prevent other people from falling victim. For a change, the police are bad (in a good way) and Joseph Benjamin is not playing the lover boy.

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Compiled and reviewed by Isabella Akinseye @iakinseye

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