Nigeria is richly blessed with beasts as leaders. And that’s why we wallow in bestiality, every one of us, given the right atmosphere and power. A man who had no shows may sanction people for having no shoes, forgetting he once had none.

Daily, on the social media, youths debate the way forward for a beaten country called Nigeria and the leaders take a thousand miles back to the Stone Age, where of course they belong. Governor Adam Oshiomhole had very powerful tongues as labour leader in Nigeria. His hustle paid off. He got a promotion and a raise in cheque. He became the governor of Edo State. He may say so much about his reforms. They may not interest me more than a quasi pornographic music video by a Nigerian singer who wants to gather attention and take to the bank.

In one of the raids for street traders in Edo State, Nigeria, Mr. Governor came in contact with an alleged trade offender, who, from the posted video was not hawking but stacked goods, probably awaiting a taxi when the man with power arrived, armed with retards, made open the beast in him. The lady could be pardoned or of course punished. While standing over the woman who knelt before this brief god, pleading in tears and wailing, our most gifted governor asked the woman to “go and die” when she declared that she was a widow. Who knows, she is actually a widow, fending for a family of four, with children in the university that had been shut down for month due to cluelessness by very unfriendly people. Such kind words from the office of His Excellency made my day. It killed the man in me.

My disappointment with Nigeria is that we know our problems. We see them daily. We worship them. We don’t ask them questions. When power is within our families, we maintain table manners. We hold our peace and let the hungry and jobless rant. What still keeps me shocked is the inability of this great man to apologise for his misuse of words to a woman who was not caught stealing but trading or having stacked goods by the roadside, awaiting her next move, to make ends meet.

Mr. Adams is not alone in his world of madness. A lot of people, elected or selected are guilty. They just parade as society makers while they mar things.

This man should make his apology known. I don’t care if he struggles to find a microphone. His office should tender an apology for being stupid on camera. And all those who stood and watch him should also take a dive into the Atlantic and die un-royally. Bastards!







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