Silverbird Ikeja, on Friday, November 22, was treated to a long night of fun and excitement as multi award-winning director and producer, Obi Emelonye premiered his new and first language movie, Onye Ozi (The Messenger).

 Colleagues, friends, media icons, top entertainment personalities and highly placed individuals filled the Hall 2 of Silverbird galleria to the brim to savour the amazing evening of the delightful movie. In attendance were Okey Bakassi, Tee Y Mix, Gbenga Adeyinka, Halimat Aitsegame, 2shot, Femi Davies to mention but a few.

 The expectations of the guests at the premiere were met as the movie lit up the big screen and from the rolling of the opening credits, all through various scenes; guests were glued to their seats as the cast delivered their lines with such dexterity and professionalism, the guests roared with laughter at the truly hilarious scenes and clapped thunderously when the closing credits rolled. Sure proof guests were not disappointed.

 Onye Ozi is a subtitled Igbo language movie, featuring the comedian Okey Bakassi, while it introduces screen newcomer, Ngozi Thompson Igwebike with other new actors like Stephen Moriaty, Anthony Aclet, D’Kachy Obi-Emelonye, Adesua Atuanya and many more.

The movie tells the story of Metumaribe (Okey Bakassi) fresh into London with high expectations and a two-year plan to return to Nigeria a rich man. However, life in London with his new ‘wife’ Mkpurunma (Ngozi Igwebike) is not going according to plan.

 On a fateful night, Terry James (TJ), an old English man (Stephen Moriaty), is chased by some masked men into a party organised to welcome Metu to London and shot in front of his eyes. As party goers run away, Metu attempts to help the man. The dying man squeezes an envelope and a bunch of keys into Metu’s hand and whispers a message as he takes his last breath.

 From that point on, Metu becomes involved. And no matter how much he runs from it, he knows he must deliver the message as he promised. His two-year plan turns out to become a psychological adventure that changes his life and the lives of those around him forever.

According to the producer and director, Obi Emelonye, “Onye Ozi (The Messenger) is my humble attempt to contribute my little quota to the preservation of the Igbo language and to take Nollywood back to its roots.”

Obi Emelonye is one of a new generation of Nigerian film directors taking the magic of ‘Nollywood’ to the wider world. He attracted international attention with the release of his ground-breaking films, The Mirror Boy and Last Flight To Abuja.

The movie will be available in cinemas from Friday, November 29, 2013.

For more information, log on to  http://www.twitter.com/OnyeOziFilm

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