A poem that raises the question on why we fight for what we will lose in the end with a some what ironical message being passed that despite it all being in vain, we should still fight.

Written by ghostwriter Tafari.



What does it seem like?

When fear grips you round?

The fear of being alone,

Not having anyone to call your own

The fear of losing it all after gaining so much

Is all verily vainty?


Is there vermin on the visage of dignity?

That we look each other in the face and hurt for personal gain

Creating wounds deeper than desires

Threading that thin line that separtes In and Sane.

If we take it all what’s to remain

But the good memory that we leave in our name.

My desires are puzzling

Always raising questions to be answered?

Am I being dragged back to the starting?

With the need to always be pampered.

Verily I say unto you don’t let your destiny be tampered

Bleed out for what you believe in

Stand and don’t give in

Be the daniel and face your lions den

If they sink their teeth, you’ll have a warriors end.

At least you stood up

At least you fought

You are rich in spirit

Even in penry you can’t be bought.

Stand up and fight.

Up hold your dignity

But verily, is all vanity? – Tafari

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