Kim Kardashian Dined At Same Restaurant As Michelle Obama After Kanye West Slams Barack Obama

Oh well!!!  Rap producer Kanye West is back in the news after he accused President Barack Obama of using him for political purposes.

“I’m not gonna mention him no more, I’m past that,” West said in a radio interview on Philadelphia’s Hot 107.9 on Monday. West told radio hosts Shamara and Laiya that he would never break bread with Obama. “That’s out my thoughts. That’s lowering my priority of thinking at this point.”


West said Obama routinely uses urban “pop icons” such as Jay Z and Beyonce to push his political agenda to black people.

“Oh, you talking about how he use to come and visit me and my mama and tell me he’s about to run for president?” West said. “I just think that we’re pop icons, and the president likes to use that type of thing just to be down.”

By coincidence, West’s baby mama Kim Kardashian dined at New York hotspot Carbone on Nov. 18, while Mrs. Obama was there entertaining guests.

“Kim Kardashian dined with a male friend and a female friend. “She actually managed to keep under the radar partly because Michelle Obama was getting all the attention.”




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