INTERVIEW: My Song “WAKA” Is Absolutely Empowering For Women – Gogowé

411 Entertainment INTERVIEW with Gogowé – the new voice of Afro-pop Music.

How does it feel to be referred to as the new voice of Afro pop music by bloggers upon the release of your debut single ‘Waka’ few days ago?

Feels great! I like the sound of that!

What is different about you from the packs of other female artists making waves out there?

It’s still Afro Pop/RnB but I believe my intentions, style and sound are very different from others. My first song “WAKA” is absolutely empowering for women.

At what point did you come in contact with music and at what point did you decide to take it as a career?

My dad put me in piano lessons at the age of seven. At first I didn’t even want it, just like most children wouldn’t. But with time, I began to fall in love with it. My dancing and singing developed from that. I took it as a career this year, when I made up my mind to push my fears aside and just go for it! I recorded my first single “WAKA” sometime in July. 

What inspired your debut ‘Waka’?

Confident women definitely, and women who just know their worth, but are still modest. 





Feminist is the word often used to describe female entertainers or musicians who use their works to advocate for a place for womanhood. Do you see yourself as a feminist and what does the entire concept of feminism mean to you?

To me, Feminism is about supporting the fact that women are just as important. It’s about females feeling nothing less than what we are, and aiming to be nothing less than who we can be. And yes, I do see myself as a feminist. There’s no reason why any girl shouldn’t be feminist. 

What’s your take on the Nigerian music industry? Do you think it has come of age?

I think there is so much talent, and it just keeps growing. It also just keeps getting harder and harder to break into the music industry, so I’m just praying that I can by God’s grace!

So what’s next after your debut and where do you see yourself five years from now?

Expect a music video for my first single “WAKA” anytime from now. Five years from now, I see my self being an artist who is very well known for quality music by God’s grace. I also see myself seriously working hard towards being a legend.

Which female artists do you admire locally and internationally that can easily pass for your role model?

A whole lot!

Tina turner, Beyonce, Omawumi. Tiwa Savage, I adore Waje’s voice. The list is endless.


Which Nigerian artist home or abroad would you like to do a collabo with?

That is also an endless list. But again, By God’s grace it will happen.

Tell us about your educational background and how being schooled has contributed to your music at a time most musicians are dropping out of school to purse their career?

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I’m currently in Emory University. Having an education definitely helps me see things in a more profound manner. I guess it helps me with my lyrics too. I don’t think my father would EVER let me drop out of school. I don’t even want to drop out either so for now, I have to balance school and music. I would graduate soon though, and I would really face music with everything in me. 

Aside talent, good looks what else do you have to show in this game of Showbiz?

My music would have great messages.

What are your hobbies and how do you unwind?

I love sleeping, relaxing and watching Nigerian/African movies. I’m not really a party person.


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Mention three companies or brands you will like to be their ambassador?

(Laughs). That is a very funny question. Any brand that sees the potential in me!
Lastly, tell us why you chose Gogowé as your stage name?

Believe it or not, Gogowé is actually my name. It’s just not my first name. My bigger sister actually gave me that name when she was a year old, and my entire family just always called me that since then… Especially when I did something great!   




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