Music Video Review: “Le kwa ukwu” by Iyanya

Director: Sesan

I like Iyanya. He likes getting his clothes off on stage. A friend of mine, a lady, doesn’t like him. She is the first woman who has declared her dislike for such body. I am hopeful. I have a potbelly. I am sure that lady would like mine.

“Le Kwa Ukwu” is the usual African dance song. Its video is simple. A simple story of a lady who finds herself in a bar, lost, probably and Iyanya is now lusting after her pretty face. And that lady is alluring. I couldn’t stop admiring. My third leg made a move. I hushed it, of course. Kai! We are repeatedly told about ‘ukwu’ in the song and we ended up with an almost flat backside from a lady whose face can make cheese look stupid. My girlfriend didn’t like the praise for the ukwu in video which was invisible. Hers is great. I like it a lot.

Sesan is a man whose skill I admire. I wish to be like him when I grow up. He pulled a smooth one. I was not expecting anything and so I could not have been disappointed. I was only expecting the actual ‘ukwu’. And that is what you get when you bring skinny models to come and deceive us. If the video were to be shot on the streets of Lagos, maybe I would have borrowed my girlfriend’s ukwu, to be filmed. Or at least, Toolz’ would come handy. That shape is wasting away biko.
Reviewer: @saintvinny


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