#SpanFest Day One Photos | Battery Dance Opening

SPAN festival makes a grand opening today Friday, November 8, with ‘Battery Dance Company’, a prestigious international dance group coming in from New York; they kick-off the festival with a captivating show.


Check out photos from the event.



DSC_4179 DSC_4170 DSC_4168 DSC_4173 DSC_4175 DSC_4177





DSC_4163 DSC_4162 DSC_4157 DSC_4155 DSC_4154 DSC_4147 DSC_4148 DSC_4151 DSC_4152 DSC_4153 DSC_4146 DSC_4145 DSC_4144 DSC_4002 DSC_4143 DSC_4131 DSC_4135 DSC_4136 DSC_4141 DSC_4142 DSC_4126 DSC_4125 DSC_4123 DSC_4120 DSC_4117 DSC_4103 DSC_4104 DSC_4108 DSC_4111 DSC_4115 DSC_4094 DSC_4085 DSC_4083 DSC_4079 DSC_4076





DSC_4050 DSC_4047 DSC_4044 DSC_4042 DSC_4026 DSC_4025 DSC_4023 DSC_4021 DSC_4017 DSC_4011 DSC_4006 DSC_4004 DSC_4000 DSC_3998 DSC_3997




We will bringing you pictures from day 2. Don’t go anywhere :).



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