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By popular demand, we present the November session of  Tziyon  well put together training.

The event industry is very porous, individuals get into the industry as they wish without any prior training or learning guide. As much as people rush into the the event world a lot more people are forced to go out cos of the lost of capital and funds due to 0 knowledge of the industry and the job.

Our focus as an organisation is to make professionals out of people who intend to get into the business on Event Planning and Management.

The 8Days Master Class is here to help those who are in and those who are planning on coming into this industry with the knowledge and skills needed to survive and triumph in this industry

We intend to train and give the needed knowledge to interested student.


November training is from 18-28 November


They shall be providing:


5 well acknowledged facilitators will be taking student

18 classes in all

Well conducive board room with available wifi internet facility for students to do their own research.

Practical  Class

Live discussion with Vendors

Planning work book will be given to students

Tea Break is available for student to refresh with.


Register today and join the 8days Master Class, learn from the masters and become a qualified event planner, manager and decorator.


For more enquiries call 08178086969 or 08033575433 or

Venue: 2nd floor 48 Allen Avenue, Opp Union, Ikeja.

Tell a friend today about it.


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