How I Caught Two Nollywood Actresses In The Lesbian Act + Why Actresses Prefer Married Men – Bose Arowosegbe

In a recent interview with vanguard newspaper, popular nollywood yoruba actress Bose Arowosegbe spoke about how she came into the limelight in 2008 with the movie titled “kareni barin” and lots more.

See excerpts from the interview below:

How did you find your way into the movie industry?

I didn’t start out as an actress, I started out as a video vixen in 2002 before I was introduced into acting at the insistence of an editor named Jide Bambo. He was involved in movie production and music video production. It was as a result of his influence I veered into acting.

What was your first film and how was it like?

It wasn’t much of anything because it was a two-scene cameo. The film was “Akamo’’ and I played the role of an angel. But after that I think I caught attention of some people and it started the flow of other jobs coming my way.

Which film would you say launched you into limelight?

My break or what I can call my break came about in 2008 with my own production. The name of the film is “Kareni Barin”. It is a story of betrayal, loyalty and trust. The film teaches that it is sometimes necessary to keep friends in spite of their treachery and disloyalty. But before that I had also played a lead role in “Eni Mi”.

What are the challenges of making it in the Yoruba sector of the movie industry?

The biggest challenge is patience, having to wait for your own time. Then there is the issue of seniority when some people older than you in the industry expect you to accord them some docile kind of respect, like, not addressing them on a first name basis. These people expect you to call them “aunties” even when you are older than them in real age.

What of sexual harassment, isn’t there sexual harassment in the Yoruba as it is rampant in the English-speaking sector?

There is this saying that how you make your bed is how you sleep on it. If you present yourself as a harlot then you would meet your kind. There’s no denying the fact that there are sexual scandals, I don’t call it harassment because no one would go out of their way to harass anybody but if the woman makes herself available, then that’s her problem. It all depends on how a lady presents herself and what she seeks to achieve. If you have your focus your focus would always be your focus.

I heard you are now married, when did you marry?

I married May 26, 2013. I have known my husband a long time before we got married. I met him 13 years ago, before I even started acting. I was working then at Tafawa Balewa Square.

How has marriage affected your career?

Even though marriage hasn’t prevented me from acting, it has definitely prevented me from taking up certain roles in my films. Even when I shot my 4th production “Akoda Oro” my husband was on set with me. I just delivered my baby then.

As a married woman, can you take up sensual or sex scenes?

Like I said before marriage has limited what role I can play again in films. I cannot take part in a sex scene, real or unreal, either in my production or other productions. And nothing can make me go totally nude but I can wear seductive dresses because when I am with my husband I still wear them. I can never go nude or play sex scene but I can be seductive. Before I was married, I wear seductive dresses anywhere but now I only wear them when I am with my husband.

What did your husband say must stop about your acting?

Doing sensual roles of course. Maybe I could do them before but now it is out of the question. Then my style of dressing outside unless we are together.

Is it true that lesbianism also exists in the Yoruba industry?

Yes, you can say that again. I have heard about it and I have seen one with my own very eyes

How so?

It happened when two friends came to visit, then three of us had to share a bed. As we were on the bed with my back turned to the other two, I felt some movements and I turned, alas, the two other girls were at it, doing it. I was simply aghast and dumbfounded. I watched them transfixed for about two minutes and then gave one of them a slap. She looked at me and asked if she had touched me or what. I was so mad that I started shouting at them.

The other one was just laying down while the one I slapped was working on her. she said she didn’t know and thought I was also part of it but I shouted ‘God forbid’. She then started crying and I told her to desist from associating with the other girl again.

Are you a jealous person?

Yes, when it comes to my husband, I am very jealous.

What if you catch him in bed with another woman?

That is the end of the relationship.

But as a jealous woman you would be on set kissing another man, isn’t that unfair?

See, that is why I have to cut off taking up some roles when I got married.

Why are many actresses getting married to married men?

I am married to a married man too. I have not told anyone this before. Other journalists I have met were fed the story that my husband is abroad when he has always been in the country.

Most single men out there are not matured enough to handle the fact that actresses are normal women. They believe we are harlots to be used and dumped. I believe they are too immature to handle the life around us. They are easily affected by things they read and hear about us, and also things they see on screen about us.

But married men are matured to handle all this. They listen to us instead of listening to gist about us. They seem to understand women better. Besides, they are more caring, gentler and wiser.

You just said you are a jealous woman, how then can you share your man with another woman?

Because I knew he was married before I decided to marry him. It was my decision and I knew what I was walking into. Before I made up my mind I knew the price I was to pay and how I have to adapt to that. I have decided to share with the woman inside not any one outside.

Look at the case of Funke Akindele, why is it that actresses don’t seem to last long in a marriage?

See, it depends on the man you are dealing with. If he is the type that understands you, he won’t be looking out for rumours about you. As a lady, you must let your man understand the kind of person you are. So, when he hears things about you he understands you without your having to explain anything. Again, when you are married you must steer clear of some things you used to do.

Like in the case of Funke Akindele, I don’t think the problem came from Funke. I don’t know much of the story but I heard Funke’s husband had impregnated another lady. Even if he had, there is a way he could have gone about it instead of going public to rubbish her name because she’s a star. I hate that man for that. Funke is my friend.

You have been saying your friends, your friends – who are your friends?

I have many friends in the industry. There is Biodun Okeowo, Tayo Odueke, Sikiratu Sindodo, Funke Etti and many others.

Which of your films have been most successful?

“Kareni Barin” of course. The film won me many accolades both here and abroad. People called me as far as Europe to tell me how much they enjoyed the film and I also made good money from it. Then there is “Anikisaya” which gave me my screen name. Though, I didn’t make money from it but it helped my career a lot. It was my only film not marketed by Toymaxx. My 3rd film “Ina Orule” came out some six weeks ago and it still selling in the market. The 4th one, “Akodo Oro” also marketed by Toymaxx is expected to hit the market before December of this year.

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