Apology Letter To Victoria Kimani And BlackMagic From Saeon

 We missed what happened but I saw some of the tweets yesterday. I was not interested in  their’tweet fights’. 



Here is their apology to Victoria Kimani, Blackmagic, Chocolate City Group & The General Public. 

Read below;



First of all, iCirculate would like to commend Chocolate City’s recording artist, Victoria Kimani on her overall success and growth and on that of the release of her mix-tape, “Queen Victoria.” We’d also like to commend the label, Chocolate City on their overall achievement in producing the finest of artistes and ensuring overall success.


Today, the 7th day of November 2013, it was brought to our attention that song writer and singer, Saeon took to twitter to share what some may refer to as her opinion on the said mix-tape by the lovely Victoria Kimani. While some may also say “everyone is entitled to their opinion”, we do not agree with her actions.


Following the incident, we have addressed the matter internally (and still on it) and have asked for Saeon to issues a sincere apology to all parties involved. During this internal meeting we made Saeon understand that her actions were not just unnecessary but unfair to the time and hard work invested by Victoria Kimani and her team put into the mix-tape. Hence, Saeon’s open apology on twitter. It will follow with an apology letter from her as well. (Screen shot image of apology attached).


We’d also like to thank M.I who handled the situation with maturity and professionalism. We respect M.I and Chocolate City. Instead of taking things public, we discussed privately, shared sentiments, we apologised and we hope there isn’t any animosity, which we would understand if there was.


We also apologise to Blackmagic for the name calling on twitter by Saeon. She also understands that personal issues can be handled much more differently via emails and phone calls, civilly.


All of the artists mentioned are great talents and produce different sounds and styles of music. We wish everyone equal success and hope that some time in the future, they can work together and give you 100% beautiful music as they are doing currently.




We truly appreciate your time for reading through this and we hope the public itself forgives Saeon for her behaviour from earlier today.


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