CONVERSATION IN MY HEAD: Amaechi and the APC fraternisation BY @SaintVinny

By: Nwilo Bura-Bari Vincent


Ali: I learned your state was aloof today with celebration.

Me: I heard same too.

Ali: Did you attend?

Me: Yes.

Ali: Why?

Me: I don’t have a reason.

Ali: What? At your age, you just attend events without a reason?

Me: Yes.

Ali: That’s sad.

Me: I know. That’s why I attended.

Ali: What was the event about?

Me: Why do you want to know?

Ali: Isn’t it fair that I at least hear from you?

Me: It’s unimportant.

Ali: Come on. That’s cruel.

Me: What’s cruel?

Ali: Your refusal to tell me what went on today at the Brick House.

Me: You already know where it happened. I’m sure you eavesdropped.

Ali: Oh yes, I did. But that isn’t enough.

Me: What isn’t enough?

Ali: The information I got was not enough.

Me: Where did you get it?

Ali: Channels TV!

Me: Oh. It was on Channels?

Ali: Yes. And I saw your governor dancing Skelewu,  and singing with unfriendly baritone like he was on drugs.

Me: Hian. I would mind what I say oh.

Ali: Why?

Me: Because walls have ears and use a BB.

Ali: Come on, that’s funny.

Me: Really?

Ali: I heard him talk about those who were given billions from the NDDC for road construction and they built a prostitute centre instead.

Me: Really?

Ali: You were there. I’m sure you heard it.

Me: In those languages?

Ali: Come on, I spiced it.

Me: Oh. I liked the dish though.

Ali: And you were pretending?

Me: Was I?

Ali: I know you are one bought bastard. Tell me. How much were you given?

Me: For what?

Ali: To attend the familiarization party.

Me: Oh. It has a name.

Ali: I made that up.

Me: Okay.

Ali: So tell me. How much were you given?

Me: Did you also hear this on Channels TV?

Ali: Arrgh. You know they wouldn’t say that?

Me: Why not?

Ali: Because it is public.

Me: I thought it was called public funds.

Ali: Yeah. But you know na.

Me: I don’t know anything oh.

Ali: You do. I’m sure a 50k got to you.

Me: As what? The senator who spoke?

Ali: You mean he was paid too?

Me: I think you are looking for trouble.

Ali: How?

Me: I don’t know. Good night.

Ali: Wait. Wait. Can we talk about something else?

Me: Like what?

Ali: Girls?

Me: Fcuk you, man.


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