Music Video Review: “Jaiye Jaiye” By Wizkid

Director: Sesan

Reviewer: @saintvinny

Maybe I’m a bit too difficult to please. Something must be wrong with me and Nigeria. Yeah. Someone has to be blamed. Or maybe those who try to excite reviews with music videos don’t push the right buttons. Another thing I know is that I have no buttons to be pushed. I spend my time, go on YouTube and check out any music video I find interesting and then hug the bed or find myself a bottle of Vodka.

Wizkid is truly a wizard. He’s been on my Most Adorable list for a long time. He works so hard I feel like killing some people who just can’t learn from this young man. When he came up with the concept of Jaiye, I welcomed it, as a consumer. The combination was a bit challenging but he made it. He is that brilliant.

Sesan is mature. He’s been growing stronger. And I know a lot people adore the “Jaiye Jaiye” video. I do too. I admire a scene, just the part where Wizkid danced on stage before hugging Femi Kuti. The video is empty. It lacks everything. Take away the performance on stage and Femi’s magic display and it becomes trite. The dancers in the forest, ehm, they could have been busier on Facebook or Twitter.

Maybe I am yet convinced that Sesan is yet recovered from his rift with Mr. David O. I seriously think he needs to put in more energy. I will be kind enough to expect something better while trashing the “Jaiye Jaiye” Video.





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