Kim Kardashian To Launch A Baby Clothing Line?

There is one thing to be said about the Kardashian clan, it is that they never miss the chance to take advantage of an opportunity. 



They have an uncanny ability to turn every situation into a money making venture. Case in point, the birth of Kim’s daughter, North West. According to Elle, the reality star revealed that she and her sisters may create a range of baby clothes. She reportedly told AP, “I think a baby line is what’s next for us, and we definitely would have a lot of experience with what we would need to make that line a success and we’re excited about it.”



She didn’t reveal much else about the line but we are willing to bet it will be inspired by her muse, baby North. In which case don’t expect the typical frilly, brightly colored clothes that the unrefined palette of a baby is use to. Oh no, Nori’s palette and sense of style is far too advanced, in fact, she doesn’t even wear the typical pink. Kim revealed, “North doesn’t typically wear pink, though. She wears mauve or blush, not like typical baby pink.”



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