Taylor Swift Gets Dissed On YouTube Music Awards

Taylor wasn’t even in attendance at the first-ever YouTube Music Awards, but she still got majorly dissed!

Taylor Swift took home the YouTube Music Award for Phenomenon Video for “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and while she wasn’t there to accept it, a group of girls did for her. So, who had the nerve to pull a Kanye West on the girls accepting the award?


Taylor can’t catch a break! It’s been nearly five years since Kanye interrupted Taylor at the Grammys, and people are still repeating it and continuing to diss her!

At the YouTube Awards on Nov. 3, Taylor wasn’t there to accept her award, which went to the video that generated the most fan videos. Instead, a group of girls who had actually created a fan video to the song accepted it in her honor.

Half way through their speech, though, Arcade Fire front man Win Butler stepped up in front of them. He grabbed the mic and completely pulled a Kanye!

Beginning with “I’ma let you finish,” in true ‘Ye manor, he went on to claim that anyone who watches YouTube knows that the “Harlem Shake” was really the phenomenon of the year. “So whatever,” he said before literally DROPPING the mic and walking off. ”No disrespect” he even added in, just like ‘Ye said to Taylor in 2009.

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