Music Video Review: “Pull Over” by Kecee ft. Wizkid

Director: Clarence Peters

Reviewer: @saintvinny

I am pulled over with this one. Clarence Peters jealously reserves his place as one of Africa’s creative music video director. I understand he does short films and documentary too. I am not particularly his fan but of good music videos, maybe by him. And there is nothing that proves that like a good interpretation. The dance in the “Pull Over” music video is what attracts me to at first – Kecee doing the Skelewu dance. I like it when Kecee dances, when he pulls over. I think I need to be an officer and pull some pretty women over too.

It is easier to bring a bunch of ladies to dance and throw off dresses. It is skilful to control them to achieve what makes a video viewers’ friendly. I think “Pull Over” is a friendly video. The drama was the only way of distinguishing it from others, especially with the duo of Aki and Paw-Paw. The entire cast, inclusive of Saka and Dauda make comedy a thing to be worshipped. I like comedy. You can catch me at it any day.

The dance is appropriate. And the scenes are not proliferated, if you get my drift. I enjoy this one. I still think that Clarence is a filmmaker and should understand what adequate angles mean for a film. The introduction could have had multiple angle shots on Aki and Paw-Paw and the likes of the officers. There is nothing as sexy as having to play with the right shots. I like unconventional shots a lot.

And I must commend whoever brought in that pretty lady who was the first to appear in the elevator. I would rate this video a 9 because of her. She’s beautiful and you should watch the video.




Review by @Saintvinny 




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