Idris Elba Rushed To The Hospital

Actor Idris Elba was jetting from London to Johannesburg to make it to today’s press conference for his movie Mandela when he suffered an asthma attack.

Sky News reports it happened before the plane left the UK, so he was promptly removed and taken to the hospital.

The producers say they hope he will make it to South Africa in time for tomorrow night’s (Sunday’s) big premiere.

As for today’s press conference, his co-star Naomie Harris (who plays Winnie Mandela) is holding it down without him.  She spoke about the political & social unrest the country suffered saying:

“I always find that so surprising given apartheid happened here. I always wonder who were these people that kept apartheid alive?”

“I do feel in 20 years the country has come an extraordinarily long way but change is slow and it takes generations.”

Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom releases in the US November 29th and the UK on January 3, 2014.

Get well soon Idris!

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