Why I Left SQN Records – Chuddy K

Another record label problem; seems like musicians are finding it quite hard to honour contracts they make with their respective record labels. Chuddy K, has been awfully  quiet since the release of his last two major singles Gaga Crazy and Brazilian Hair. He too has been surrounded with label
issues as earlier in the year he parted ways with SQN controversially.

Even though a release was issued that Chuddy K was still signed to SQN, he confirms that he has left due to contractual agreement /issues from his management’s end which ended dirtily.  He explained how he had a chat with SQN label boss concerning his slow progress, while his boss told him off and asked that he got a lawyer if he wasn’t happy with the situation.  “We sent them a letter stating a breach of contract while he claims I left unannounced after acknowledging receipting of the letter”,Chuddy said.

Now handling his own business and music, he promises that new materials including video will be out in a couple of months.

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