This event “ROCK ‘N’ RAVE” Fashion TV Launch edition is scheduled to take place on the 1st December 2013 at the exclusive BESPOKE CENTRE, Lekki Lagos – Nigeria.

The event “ROCK ‘N’ RAVE” Fashion TV which is aiming to debut on Cable TV would feature a collections of upscale 5 Established Fashion Designers, 5 Upcoming Designers, Jewellery and Bag Designers, Music Performance, Choreographed Dance and other side attractions.


According to the organizers, the concept was to start an African version of Fashion TV, as it has been discovered that so many fashion events are scattered here and there without a standard platform that can showcase such events.  According to the CEO (Clara Chinwe Okoro), her background was in production so she decided to start up a Fashion Channel to cover mainly African Fashion activities on Cable TV and also what pointed them into this direction was the study conducted by the British Council which asserted that (Nigeria stands on the threshold of what could be the greatest transformation in its history – with population growth slowing, and its “baby boom” generation entering the workforce. By 2030, it will be one of the few countries in the world with young workers in plentiful supply. The benefits of this to Nigeria are clear, according to the report:

If the country continues with recent economic growth, improves education, health standards and creates jobs, the average Nigerian could be 3 times richer by 2013 – and over 30 million people will be lifted out of poverty.

But the risks are as great as the opportunities:

If Nigeria fails to plan for its next generation; ii faces ethnic and religious conflict, radicalization as a result of growing numbers of young people frustrated by lack of jobs and opportunities. Nigeria needs to create 25 million jobs over the next ten years – and move its focus away from oil, which contributes 40% to national GDP, but only employs 0.15% of the population).

In attendance would be important personalities spanning across the corporate world entertainment, business, music, sports, media and also parading the cream of Nigeria celebrity circle.

We also have Fashion students and graduates who would be showcasing their design with various media houses such as NIGEZIE, MUSIC AFRICA and lots more who are giving us their support to give the event maximum coverage.


  1. To create a platform where youths will start to build afrocentric brands that would be eventually exported.
  2. To showcase the trending Fashion Brands that are the very market leaders.
  3. To create a Reality TV Show with sustainable benefits
  4. An empowerment project to enable African Fashion Brands develop

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