Photos From Saro The Musical Day 2

The event took place at the Grand ball room Oriental hotel, Lagos.


See photos from day two of Saro The Musical below.


IMG_7693 IMG_7696 IMG_7698 IMG_7701 IMG_7702 IMG_7704 IMG_7706 IMG_7712 IMG_7714 IMG_7742 IMG_7751 IMG_7756 IMG_7775 IMG_7776 IMG_7793 IMG_7806 IMG_7813 IMG_7816 IMG_7827 IMG_7829 IMG_7838 IMG_7870 IMG_7871 IMG_7885 IMG_7887 IMG_7904 IMG_7927 IMG_7930 IMG_7938 IMG_7939 IMG_7945 IMG_7979 IMG_7982 IMG_7983 IMG_8004 IMG_8008 IMG_8010 IMG_8012 IMG_8019 IMG_8021 IMG_8031 IMG_8044 IMG_8058 IMG_8078 IMG_8083 IMG_8091 IMG_8094 IMG_8097 IMG_8108 IMG_8110 IMG_8115 IMG_8146 IMG_8147 IMG_8151 IMG_8153 IMG_8158 IMG_8175 IMG_8255 IMG_8276 IMG_8292 IMG_8295 IMG_8332 IMG_8337 IMG_8373 IMG_8376 IMG_8380 IMG_8400 IMG_8406 IMG_8409 IMG_8413 IMG_8436 IMG_8438 IMG_8440 IMG_8448 IMG_8456 IMG_8458 IMG_8466 IMG_8480 IMG_8483 IMG_8491 IMG_8493

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