Audio: Raymond Fix Drops Sweetest Girl

Versatile entertainer, Raymond Fix, has released his much anticipated single, Sweetest Girl.  

Raymond Fix, a songwriter, singer and dancer is set to take the Nigerian music by storm.
He started singing at the tender age of 12 and grew up listening to the likes of Usher, R Kelly, Craig David, Remedies, 2Face, Faze, Nas and Fat Joe.
After a few self-taught lessons in various studios, he began to explore the depths of his music while in secondary school as a member of the now defunct Desert Homies music group.
Currently signed to Lagos-based So So Good Music, Raymond Fix said he has come to stay, irrespective of the assumed tough competition in the music industry.
Raymond Fix also working with producers such as Flip Tyce and Sunny D, So So Good Music’s official Producer on his debut album.







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