No man bore from the womb of a woman knows the end of his life from its beginning just as a new born baby desires the milk of this world,we travel through the journey to one-self searching for the right path to place our feet.

Its a pity to a man that possesses colours like a rainbow and decides to paint the air we breathe bright and colourful,he is either on a wild goose chase or he is willing to go through troubles in vain.
I flipped through my thoughts and got to a page where a man has to live so long and yet achieves nothing before he kicks the bucket while its next page gives another man all life’s achievements and has his life-span cut short to leave all behind to yonder.

The essence of both pages still rings loud in my brain wondering if all hustle speaks the same language as bustle and if they understand that longevity and success is all a man desires to live all his life with and be happy.
No matter how hard people try,all we wish for cannot be met at once despite the fact that our desires are available somewhere here on earth idly seated waiting to be taken up,it is quite easy to proclaim that the world is our oyster yet we have to think it twice because life’s nature says something else as we either lack emotional care,financial prowess,material abundance or sound health at one time or the other where we have to run helter-skelter to either satisfy our desires or prevent further damage into a deplorable state regardless of the fact that they are up for grabs all around the world and yet not accessible by those in need.

I sometimes wish we could pull down the heavens like a curtain to see God’s face and have him direct us right,prevent us from wandering before we get our footing right and help us have all we crave for at our doorsteps.

Writer: Alabi Atoyebi.

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