SABINA and the Re-Emergence

I am a Nigerian, I possess the Nigerian Spirit and to mark the 100 years of the amalgamation in 2014, which coincides with my 10 years on stage musically, I am teaming up with every Nigerian possessing the same SPIRIT including you to join up on THE REEMERGENCE.

THE REEMERGENCE is not your regular show or event; it is a lot of things blended together to pass across the message of national conscientiousness, honour, and pride. For decades, pre colonial, colonial and post colonial we have seen Nigeria in variety of colours. Nigerians have drawn diverse conclusions owing to the different forms of government, leadership, and eras as it were .

It is a catalogue of emotions when you think and ponder on the nation Nigeria; More thought provoking is the reality of how such diversities have survived as one entity in one hundred years! I’m talking about your Nigeria, my Nigeria, our Nigeria!

The amalgamation of Nigeria one hundred years ago placed on the platform of The ReEmergence is not intended to be debated as good or bad; right move, or a mistake. Our major goal here is to eulogize the ‘’NIGERIAN SPIRIT’’ which I think is inborn in every Nigerian, home and abroad. That is what has kept us together inspite  of our sometimes ‘’monstrous’’ differences.

The ReEmergence is billed to hold during the summer in 2014 but we have embarked on a monthly build up reach outs from October 2013 to enable interaction in schools, youth/recreational centres, etc. The aim is to figure out what the young Nigerian feels about his/her nationality, and what he/she believes in, including his/her view of who a true Nigerian is. This will help us perceive the readiness to reemerge as an individual, and as a nation after 100 years of the amalgamation. We also hope to use this platform to re-energize and revive the NIGERIAN SPIRIT , or what you may call the ‘’never give up spirit’’.

The ReEmergence main event in 2014 will feature music, theatre, poetry, dance, arts and craft presentation, and comedy. We are expecting guests from all works of life within Nigeria and in the diaspora . But for now the ground team and various celebrities will move from one location to the other building up awareness and gathering momentum. The R-Emergence is a RE-BIRTH

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