Justin Bieber Flirts With A Stripper

Bad boy Justin Bieber is back! On a break from his “Believe” tour, the 19-year-old was partying hard at a strip club in Houston, Tex. on Oct. 18. And though the dancers are the ones who are supposed to impress the customers, apparently Justin was making one stripper in particular blush — and nearly faint!


Only Justin could make a stripper nearly faint. Partying the night away at VLive, a raunchy club in Houston, with no shirt on and his pants pulled down extremely far, the Biebs had himself a racy encounter with one of the club’s dancers.

And who better to recount it than the stripper herself? She was basically live-tweeting her lap dance rendezvous with Justin:


diamind tweets

And this isn’t Justin’s first time in a strip club either. He reportedly hit up a club in Miami in June 2013, and in February of the same year, he was photographed getting a lap dance while at a party.

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