Music Video Review: “BOMA” by Hans Mill By @SaintVinny

Director: AJE Filmworks


Who doesn’t like techno on the dance floor? Maybe Nigerians! BOMA by Hans Mill is a simple dance video, where too much throwing of hands in the air and head shaking is seen. I won’t decide if the song is an offshoot of one of Coldplay’s, my favourite band in the world, but I like the romance in BOMA and the interpretation therein. Maybe any other director would have spoilt it but AJE.


This song is likely addictive. Hans Mill’s sonorous voice helped it when I kept jumping like the ladies in the video. The ladies are beautiful and since it is romantic, with a fast rhythm, there is the tendency that you would like it. It is shot indoors. There is no much in choreography aside the jumping, but the camera angles were complementary. The slow motion worked at the appropriate places.


I expected more crazy stunts by the ladies. They just kept throwing heads, which gets boring if the volume is reduced. I expected some drama, drinks and then the ladies acting out spices. Maybe that’s too much for a request. Life’s too short. Click on it and enjoy the vibe.




By Nwilo Bura Vincent


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