Music Video Review: Unofficial Video ‘Skelewu’ by Davido

I am a fan of Sesan, when he does good jobs. Who isn’t? Who doesn’t like great stuffs? A good music video is like great sex, after a marriage to a beautiful woman. Awesome! I can list a bunch of his great jobs. And I know that ‘Skelewu’ is not on that amazing list.

What I watched may not be the actual official music video for ‘Skelewu’. Maybe it was an attempt. What I can deduct is that Sesan’s work is in progress. It was the piecing of random dance clips; wrong dance clips, coloured and graded and given to us, thirsty fans of ‘Skelewu’ to savour. Hungry for something, we have eaten and we are afraid to say it doesn’t taste as expected.

If you truly wish to watch skilful works for the ‘Skelewu’ dance, then you should visit YouTube. Some excellent jobs by patriotic fans of Davido sweated it out, in dance. I like the works of Sesan. I won’t stop. And Davido is talented with making trendy songs too. ‘Skelewu’ is original, in dance. The lyric says nothing. I wasn’t expecting much. But Davido is undoubtedly a hit-maker.

Someone said Davido would re-shoot the video for ‘Skelewu.’ It would be one of the wisest decisions he would be making in a long while. The second would be if he decides to give equal attention to lyrics, as that counts when the heat of dancing is down.

The ‘Skelewu’ music video would be better if concepts from the dance entries are copied and some of the dancers are invited. What Sesan shot is basically a child’s play. He knows this and he should correct the impression.





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