Music Video Review: “International Baby” – Bracket By @SaintVinny

Director: Godfather

The duo of Smash and Vast, Bracket, has been consistent at delivering a pop version of highlife music. “International Baby” is another good one.

The music video seems to be shot in South Africa. Everyone goes to South Africa. The scenery is magnificent and makes a camera looks useful. And the video has Bracket in wigs and old-school attire, something you might say is set in the 90s.

One half doesn’t have a girlfriend and the video is about him finding a bride. It is pathetic that he gets a slap and water is thrown at him when he goes to find the proposed bride. Unlike Nigeria, I hope people throw water at prospective suitors in SA.

There is comic in all that is displayed. It is obvious the two singers should stick to music and keep acting as a pipedream. They messed it up.

The story is enjoyable when you close your eyes to the errors. The characters act makeshift. The poorest of the acting was done by the mother-in-law. I bet she has never watched a movie in her life. And the dance steps of the duo haven’t changed a bit since they started music. I wish there was a drop of newness in it.

“International Baby” is a clean music video. It should be watched.



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