RE: NOI “The Poll Result Is Misleading” -ESTHER IJEWERE – KALEJAIYE

The NOI Polls, which is an opinion polling and research organisation, established by the current Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and named after her, yesterday released results from its poll carried out in January 2013, in commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child.

NOI Polls revealed:
“In order to commemorate this event and honour the girl child this special day, NOI Polls Limited released one of the polls we conducted in the first quarter of the year 2013, which was focused on the challenges faced by the girl child in Nigeria and indeed the world over as a result of the incidence of rape among women in the society.

34 percent of the participants believed that indecent dressing was the main cause of rape in the society; 18 percent believed unemployment was the cause; nine percent believed it was caused by lack of moral values and another nine percent believed it was caused by the inability to control sexual urges; seven percent said it was caused by faulty upbringing. Five percent of the participants believed rape was caused by illiteracy about women’

Our View:There is no moral justification for RAPE because it is against mankind ,  we believe ninety nine  percent of rape cases are carried out by people who lack moral values and have no sense of discipline, Indecent dressing should be addressed separately from RAPE, we need to sensitise our ladies on the need to dress decently but not using RAPE and SEXUAL ABUSE as a yardstick but rather a necessity based on our tradition and culture. the  poll is therefore misleading as this will empower perpetrators and send a wrong message that Rape can be justified or a man has the right to Rape  a lady not decently dressed. Esther Ijewere – Kalejaiye




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