Poem By Atoyebi Olatunji – LIVE FREELY

The sun needs not to say a word,

It shines on all men,

You don’t have to hear the moon speak,

It shelters from the dark nights,

Stars up above in the sky,

Brightens the whole world,

The cloud spreads its wings all over the heavens,

Keeper of the essence of life,

Every rain drops on earth,

A blessing with no exception,

Air unseen,

Yet it keeps every heart alive,

The wind whistles to and fro,

Gives us breeze to enjoy,

Nutrients from the soil,

Feeds hunger like no other,

Simple things are given for free,

Essentials money cannot buy,

Our survival is not for sale,

God is all that matters,

All sufficient and all mighty,

Live today gladly,

Tomorrow is yet to breathe.



Writer: Alabi Atoyebi Olatunji



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