Music Video Review: ‘Ukwu’ by Timaya By @SaintVinny

Director: Mr. Moe Musa

Moe Musa has won my heart so many times, whether is he making a viral video for Wizkid or something high and attractive for Fuse ODG. But that’s why it is called sentiments. It clouds your sense of judgement. I like Moe Musa and what he does with dance videos makes me smile. He interpreted ‘Ukwu’ like the Nigerian in the UK he is. I won’t explain that.

Timaya is undoubtedly a king when it comes to dancehall. He may say nonsense but you end up dancing to all he renders. He is a craft man. And his latest video for ‘Ukwu’ makes my job easier. It is a simple music video shot somewhere in the UK with somewhat an addition to the usual. I love additions. I love to see the conservative UK police do something silly and Timaya gave it to me through this video.

The video is dramatic. There are less of the outrageous backsides a Timaya would prefer. What we see is moderate but shockingly attractive. Timaya is a forensic detector as well as a police officer. And he eventually examines a lady’s backside.

The type of ‘Ukwu’ that is described is such that makes the lame walk. Awesome! This is a dance song and the video didn’t lack dancing. It is obviously watchable so check it out.


By @Saintvinny



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